IRS erroneous letter sent to over 2.5 million people

IRS erroneous letter sent to over 2.5 million people

pin numbers wrong 1 12 16Sigh……… They have done it again. Has the IRS ever heard of proofreading? Guess not based on their newest error. This one involves identity theft.

So…if you have been the victim of identity theft then the IRS will require you to report a specially issued PIN number on your tax return the following year. Each year you will be sent a new PIN number.

Well…the IRS sent out letters this week to over 2.5 million people assigning PINs and saying the number should be used on your 2014 tax returns. Surely this will be causing some confusion. NO ONE likes a letter from the IRS, I feel pretty confident with that statement. This one is going to make people wonder if they need to RE-file their 2014 taxes to report this number. The answer? NO.

The PIN numbers on the letters issued this week actually are for your 2015 tax return so we will need this number when filing in the next couple months.

The IRS is also not sending out corrected letters. They are depending on you to either call them in a panic and wait on hold for an hour to ask the question or to hear this news elsewhere. Maybe on this blog…. “You are welcome IRS, I will pass along the info. Now for my fee……”

Linda Reinhardt

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