Hey!!!!! Did you file your tax return yet?

Hey!!!!! Did you file your tax return yet?

clockTime’s-a-tickin!   Better get your tax return started!  Not you, but lots of “other” people wait until April to get their return done.

Reasons to do it now? Well, there’s a bunch….

–if there are questions you will have time to get answers to them

–the IRS may be a bit quicker with refunds before they are inundated with returns

–if you owe, you will have more time to get those funds together that you need

–we can tell you how much you can save by putting money into an existing Health Savings Account

–perhaps you are eligible for a tax deductible Traditional IRA contribution

–you will have info needed for FAFSA

Plus…..admit it…..you will get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing it’s done, right?

So come on….if you haven’t filed yet…….think about getting it done soon.


Linda Reinhardt

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