Deducting your tutu. Allowable?

Deducting your tutu. Allowable?

ballerina mediaTutu deductibility……. maybe… depends why you are wearing it. If the clothing you buy for work is not adaptable for use outside of work then sure you can deduct it. BUT, if you are an accountant that just likes to wear a tutu to work? Well… I am assuming that outfit is NOT a requirement for your job so no deducting it for you.  And also…..maybe rethink that decision……keep the profession respectable, would ya?

Of course there is a valid argument made that if you are a ballerina, or perhaps another form of dancer, that is required to wear a tutu, that would indeed be a work expense and you could deduct it if you couldn’t get reimbursed by your employer. I doubt any self respecting IRS auditor would argue that a tutu could also be worn for a trip to the grocery store. Wow! That would be entertaining though so please come to the one I go to.

How about if you have to wear suits to work? That’s a commonly misunderstood topic.  It also doesn’t mean you can deduct them if you have to wear suits to work but you don’t wear them elsewhere because you don’t LIKE to wear them when you aren’t at work. That’s just a choice you are making to not sport your fancy shmancy suit around town. You COULD wear it out of work, so it’s sadly NOT deductible.

How about clothing you wear in your side job being an actor in local television commercials? Hmmmm…… well unless you were required to buy, and wear, a pickle costume, or similar…..regular clothes would not be deductible. Sorry :(       But at least you get to be a STAR!!!! Woohoo! YAY for you!  Maybe you will be DISCOVERED!!!!

Here’s one you can deduct though…..Got a small business? Get shirts, jackets, etc with your company logo on them. THOSE you can deduct.

Linda Reinhardt

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