NEW Scam-By Mail & Email this time.

NEW Scam-By Mail & Email this time.

Normally the scams are by phone.  Well now you have to watch out for IRS letters and emails also.

Looks like they are sending Tax Bills related to the Affordable Care Act.   Don’t fall for it.  Never give out personal info when receiving things like that.

Here is the IRS warning on the topic.

These fake notices ask you to send a check made out to “The IRS”.

Real notices tell you to make payments out to “The U.S. Treasury”.  Real notices also give you options to agree or disagree with the notice and tells you what to do in either case.

If you have any doubt when receiving a notice you can call the IRS at 1-800-Tax1040 to find out if they are really trying to reach you.


Linda Reinhardt

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