Deducting clothing on your tax return

Deducting clothing on your tax return

The answer is almost always NO unfortunately.

If the clothing is required to be worn by your employer, your employer won’t reimburse you and the clothing is not something you COULD wear outside of work, then maybe.

Suits are a  no no….even if you don’t want to wear them outside work….you not deductible.

Jean, shirts, and other items you get dirty at work?  Even if you are a painter or roofer? Still no.

It’s a YES for theatrical costumes, scrubs, steel toed boots/shoes and safety equipment

Now if it has a logo of your company then it is business and it can be deducted.  But it would go on Schedule A as an unreimbursed business deduction.  That’s in a group that has to exceed 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income before it becomes deductible though.

Linda Reinhardt

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