IRS & Ohio New Requirements

IRS & Ohio New Requirements


In an ongoing effort to help cut down on IDENTITY THEFT, both the IRS and the Ohio Department of Taxation have come up with NEW REQUIREMENTS for filing tax returns.

We understand that these requirements may be inconvenient and seem intrusive but unfortunately we must follow them.

For all tax returns please provide one of the following 3 items for the Primary and Secondary individuals on your tax return.

Drivers License
State Identification Card
A signed statement indicating that neither have been issued to you.

In addition, please be sure to provide us with a Voided Check if you would like Direct Deposit.Ohio will be asking some taxpayers to complete the Identity Quiz.


Beginning with the 2016 tax year, the IRS is requiring more questions be asked to determine eligibility for the following credits.  The answers will be reported on Form 8867.

Earned Income Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit (dependent under age 17)
Additional Child Tax Credit (dependent under age 17)
American Opportunity Education Credit (higher education costs)

Questions about members of household, length of residency and proof of these will be required for returned with these Credits.

Acceptable items you may provide to prove eligibility need to show the child’s name and residence address.  In addition, if there is self employment income on the tax return there are requirements to report to the IRS what type of records were provided for the amounts on your tax return.

Acceptable items to prove eligibility as it relates to the children/college students in the household include the following the documents listed below.  Please provide something from this list when you provide your other tax documents if any of these credits apply to you.

School records or statement
Landlord or property management statement
Health care / Doctor provider statement
Medical records
Child care provider records
Placement agency statement
Social Services records or statement
Place of worship statement
Employer statement

If youy have self employment income we will need to tell the IRS which of the following items you provided to us regarding your income and expenses.

Business license
Forms 1099
Records of gross receipts
Taxpayer summary of income
Records of expenses provided by taxpayer
Taxpayer summary of expenses
Bank statements
Reconstruction of income and expenses


If you have either of the following credits on your tax return you may file your return as soon as you would like, however, the IRS will not start issuing refunds until February 15, 2017 when either of these are present on the tax return.  Here is the IRS info on this topic.

Additional Child Tax Credit
Earned Income Tax Credit

Once filed, you can use the IRS Where’s My Refund tool for updates.
Here is a tool to check your Ohio refund.


Also, if your health insurance was obtained through the Marketplace, aka Obamacare, we must have your 1095-A Form that they sent to you before we can complete your tax return. Any Premium Tax Credit (discount) you received, or are possibly now eligible to receive, will be reconciled on your tax return.

Those receiving insurance by some other means should receive a 1095-B or 1095-C which you should also provide to us.

Linda Reinhardt

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