Deductible Medical expenses?

Deductible Medical expenses?

IMG_1329Beginning in 2017 the threshold for deducting Qualified Medical/Dental/Optical expenses goes up to 10% of your Adjusted Gross Income for ALL AGES.

Prior to 2017 older taxpayers could deduct amounts over 7 1/2% of Adjusted Gross Income.

Remember to keep track of medical mileage.

Also, Long Term care is a deduction (for Ohio also even if not itemizing) and there is a difference on the deductibility of Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized Health Care Premiums on the Ohio return so let us know if you have Unsubsidized premiums that you paid.  Those would be premiums that are in no part paid by anyone else (employer, retirment plan, etc.)

Other overlooked items include: hearing aid and batteries for them, contact lenses, glasses, eye exams and premiums for dental and optical plans (let us know if those are subsidized).

Linda Reinhardt

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