IRAs/Pension- Get that money!

Did you turn age 70 ½ during 2015?  If so, HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY!!!!!   You don’t look a day older in our opinion.   But along with being wiser (and probably better looking and more relaxed) comes yet another responsibility. For IRAs, by April 15th of the year following the year you turned 70 ½, you MUST […]

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Roth IRA – Is it for you?

You’ve heard of these.  They sound great, right?  Put “after-tax” money in now, and later, after it has grown…… to what will surely be a huge fortune….. you pay NO TAX on the distributions. Woohoo!  What could be better? Well….a few things to remember….. You can’t put money in a ROTH IRA if you file […]

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