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Are You Thinking You Need to Amend Your Return?

Mistakes happen and tax returns are no exception. Filing an amended tax return corrects information that changes tax calculations. This includes making changes to filing status and dependents, or correcting income credits or deductions. Don’t file an amended return to fix math errors because the IRS will correct those. The IRS offers tips on how […]

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Identity Theft-RITA DATA BREACH!!!!

It’s a race to file.  Whoever files a tax return first with any given social security number is the one that initially gets a refund and the filing of your real tax return gets held up for quite some time.  Can’t happen to you?  Hmmmm……don’t be so sure. Just last week the Regional Income Tax Agency, […]

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The Ohio ID Quiz

Yikes!! Did you get a letter from the State of Ohio Department of Taxation saying you are required to confirm your identification?   Confusing, right?  Is it real?   Yep, it is. Ohio is requiring many people to confirm their ID.  You will need to log in to the Ohio Department of Taxation of website. There is […]

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